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Thursday, February 03, 2005

This term's beginning to feel like an exact replica of the last. The same sort of demands are made on me and they don't seem to be letting up.

There's the major concert for Pops. There are only four weeks left till the big night and we really, really need sponsorships. I'll be responsible for making print materials for that event too, namely the souvenir program.

There's also the matter of the professors beginning to bare their teeth. I had thought our profs were kind enough to give us some easy sailing, but I'm beginning to see low test scores on my papers. Shucks.

I gotta pull my act together somehow.

Now more people can start believing in the sign of Z.

"Mobile Suit Z Gundam" premieres on Animax on February 13. This is probably a broadcast of Bandai's recent DVD box set. I'll be watching this just to check the differences.

I've become an absolute nut for Initial D ver.3. I've spent quite a lot of time and money on it and I'm pleased to say I've gotten pretty good. My regular stomping grounds are twisty Happogahara and Tsuchizaka nowadays.

However I still can't manage to defeat Takumi on Akina's downhill, always losing by a mere 25 meters. Darn.

I might not be able to play as often as I did though; Robinsons Place Manila's arcade will supposedly cease operation on February 5. Oh well.

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