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Friday, February 18, 2005

I'm trying Mozilla Firefox for the first time. Damn it's sweet!

Some pages like HCP look a bit funny (all text is center-aligned for some reason) but the greater ease of use offsets that. I feel I'll have to unlearn some stuff I got used to with IE6 though.

I'll be going to the Manila City Jail tomorrow to interact with political prisoners as part of my RELSFOR advocacy work for TFDP.

Honestly, despite the honorable aim of the organization I can't help but feel a little scared about tomorrow. Then again I've been scared about a few other things lately.

First and foremost would be the looming major concert for Pops. While I did succeed in securing Yehey! as our online media sponsor, I haven't been as successful in getting other cash sponsors. That wouldn't be so bad in itself, but no one else among the Marketing team has had any success either so we're feeling the pressure mounting.

I have to wonder how much of this is our fault and how much is due to force majeure. Speaking for my assigned industry (automotive), only Toyota has had any progress with releasing new models that it might want to promote, like the Hilux pickup and Innova AUV/wagon. Our sponsor last year, Honda, seems to have gone defensive from their enthusiastic media blitz with the Jazz. They're probably opting to wait out this year, empty their stocks and get ready for the release of the 2006 model year Civic. I can't find Mitsubishi's contact info, which is sad because they did release their Grandis MPV and the Montero Sport SUV.

Wednesday is judgment day...

Second would be my grades. I haven't been doing as well with my major subjects. While I might be blamed for all these other orgs and hobbies I chose to get into, I have serious reservations about how my classmates in Marketing are behaving.

Simply put I don't like the way my Marketing major classes feel like a circus 8 times out of 10. No one listens to any reports. No one takes the lessons seriously. It's always a din of noise that fights with the professors for the attention of the students---and the pandemonium always wins. The only things my younger classmates seem to care about are the upcoming Bangkok international exposure trip and finding ways to keep their grades good without massaging their brains.

Something has to be wrong when the Marketing Management majors score poorly in the same International Marketing midterm exam that was aced by Business Management students two years our junior.

Lastly I'm getting very confused with what I have to do with my life...thanks to RELSFOR.

We have these readings from "The Universe Story" and "The Great Work" as our weekly assignment. Basically they're all about how mankind should be the steward of nature and of all creation, not its master. Unfortunately we've been acting as if we're the only ones that matter in this world---everything that's non-human is of value to us only when we can use it.

Our major institutions---the government, the corporation, the university and the religious congregations---are all fostering and perpetuating this destructive lifestyle of humans living only for themselves and not for others, as well as all which is non-human. (Strange to learn from a Religion class that religion is indeed one of the ills of the world, and my professor's a real priest.) We're consuming resources at an alarming rate. We're plundering the lands and seas which should remain with the fragile ecosystems of plants and animals that ultimately maintain the world's order and keep it a viable place to live in.

In a nutshell, our lavish profit-driven lifestyle, which gives all rights to humans and none to the non-human, is destroying the Earth. We'll have to give up some of our frivolous unnecessary desires if only to ensure that we have an Earth to reside in for the long term.

Yet looking at all my subjects this term, it seems like RELSFOR is running contrary to the lessons being taught by BUCOTAX (taxation, part of the legal system), my Marketing majors (business and profit), and FINAMA2 (financial management, which is ditto).

I'm suddenly questioning the value of all the things I'm learning. Of the four institutions, it is supposedly the university that is the only agent which can turn this destructive tide of human consumption around, and help people realize that we are not conquerors of the universe and the Earth---rather, we are part of it.

Perhaps that teaching career people suggested is my life's calling...?

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