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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Studying for FINAMA1 was a colossal struggle.

I hadn't noticed it throughout the term, but Professor Perez had actually covered so many topics that reviewing them alone the day before the final exam proved mind-boggling. An added handicap was that the formula index cards and notes we had so relied upon through the term were banned in the final exam. It meant memorization or bust.

To top it all off, my body seemed to have an agenda of its own---it preferred napping out instead of getting on with the task.

So when I came to school yesterday to face the inevitable (flunking the FINAMA1 final), I was sort of grateful for the classes being called off---literally seconds before my 1pm exam was underway. (Typical late DLSU fashion, yes.) However that meant having to move course card distribution as well as the affected exams to Monday.

Maybe they should have just pushed through with it after all?

Right after classes got called off I had nothing better to do. I decided to head to Greenbelt.

What did I do? I wasted PhP300 on Initial D ver.3. Yes, I'm addicted to that game.

I've conquered the Akagi mountain pass as well, and I've also tried the other mountain roads. Shomaru is ridiculously tight with poor road surface, while Happogahara is full of confusing turns (I kept losing to Daiki). The Irohazaka road seemed as daunting as navigating chicken intestines, but when I tried it I actually found it pretty easy. Sequential hairpin turns at 3rd gear = fun.

Sigh...that game's going to make a pauper out of me.

It's a soupy gray mess everywhere I look from my window. I feel sleepy again. Yaaaawn.

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Anonymous said...

Hey JM its chen!! How was your finals? I hope you did well. Talk to ya soon! Take care!