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Saturday, August 21, 2004

Gundam Seed finally came to a close last night...waaah! Why did Mu La Flaga have to die? And in such a pathetic way at that? He was my favorite character by far.

The final 2 episodes were a bit lukewarm compared to the dramatic buildup of the entire series, but they do the job and they're not such a sore disappointment as to tarnish Gundam Seed as a whole. I can't wait for Gundam Seed Destiny to begin airing---subtitled or dubbed, it's a treat. The voice talents on Seed don't shame the grandiose scale of the anime at all and that's kudos for them.

I'll try to catch the movie version of Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz later. I just want to see what the hoopla was all about on this spin-off series.

With all my blathering about Gundam I might as well plug this site.

Cher finally answered my messages. It seems she's had more of those emotional instabilities that she's had since winning the councilorship race.

You're never alone, fwend. *HUGS*

Good news: I'm going to Bacolod!

Pops is going to have its annual Visayan concert tour over the term break, and it seems Rachel wants me doing hosting duty. Gee. It's a great opportunity :) I've never been south of Luzon and I'd love to visit the Visayas once in my life at least. I've heard so many nice things about Bacolod...

September 1 seems so close...but I gotta finish finals and pass this term first.

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hazL said...

nice! tagal mo na pala sa blog... galing! buti ka pa! ay, sori nagpost lang ako. wala kong alam kay gundam...