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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

I'm supposed to be packing my stuff for tomorrow's flight...but it can wait. My flight's still in the afternoon.

Right now I'm just checking all my usual sites.

Tiring day. I had to accompany Bianx to the LTO branch in Las Piñas to finally get her overdue student permit converted to a driver's license.

Aside from the headaches of the actual process (I swear I ain't going there to renew my license!), what made me sore were the driving habits of Las Piñas motorists. And I thought Caloocan was bad...this was WAY worse. Everyone made his/her own counterflow, everyone wanted to make a left turn (holding up everyone else in the process) and everyone just cut in as often as he/she liked. What a pain.

I'd had my fill of Alabang-Zapote Road traffic. Sheesh. It's enough to drive anyone mad.

My FINAMA1 final went...well enough, on record. I did fudge my way through some items that I never understood anyway, but what I did manage to answer felt all right in my opinion.

I guess this is fate's way of telling me I ain't never going to cut it as a banker like my parents. I suck at finance.

Cher seems to be doing fine in Leyte, apart from another bad experience with love. Sigh. You deserve better, fwend.

The frogs will come and go...but I pray your prince will stay. *HUGS*

I am so darn tired. It's probably a good thing this term break's two weeks long---what a surprise.

What's nice to do after the Bacolod tour? I wonder...


suburban brat said...

ugh. your post reminded me that my license has been expired since my birthday and it's time to renew. hassle hassle hassle!

add me to your links or die! ahahahaha. joke lang.

-patty @ http://chunkeepygmy.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Yo, Shun. Thought I'd look in on you and see how you were doing. Have fun in Bacolod! -- KnM (remember me? Hehe.)