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Friday, July 09, 2004

This morning I happened to walk to school with a guy who drove this red Alfa Romeo 155 shod with 17" OZ Superleggera rims. I was curious about his wheels so I decided to pop the question.

Leo was a enthusiastic enough guy and he told me he imported his from Hong Kong. When I asked him about the price, he said it set him back around PhP60,000. He'd been looking for gunmetal gray ones, but they were out of stock so he got silver instead. Leo looked happy with his rims; he was proud to tell me that they were really lightweight and they actually spun in the wet because of their lightness.

He remembered someone posting on the Honda Club Philippines forums about someone seeing an Alfa 155 shod with OZ Superleggera rims...and it said "Screw the car, I just want his rims." I confessed it was me. I did try to ask him how his 155 was to own and drive, just to make up for my mistake. Leo said it was a good car, it's just that it complains when it's not driven.

We split when he had to climb up St. Miguel Hall.

I guess this means I should be more careful of what I say...but I'm glad I met Leo. Likeable chap and he seems to share the same love of things on four wheels as I do.

Unfortunately that rules out getting Superleggeras for my ride, ever. PhP60,000 isn't the kind of money I can snatch from nowhere. I'll probably settle with Rota 5-spokers, if ever I get enough moolah to get my car shod with 15" shoes.


suburban brat said...

hallo! patty here! wala lang. i'm not an alpha romeo chick. am a porsche girl! hahaha. angyabaaaaaang! ingats!

Abbie eXcites said...

Hey Shuni! :) Sorry wasn't able to reply on your SMS this afternoon. Lowbatt. Anyway, you can send it to RACHELL DIAZ, Direct Marketing Officer. You may call her at 857-7200 and tell her you are from HCP. That might help you in getting a sponsorship. I'll mention it to her too. :) Drop me a line if everything is a-ok.

Btw, nice blog.

JM said...

Hey Patty! Yep Porsche chick ka nga :D

Thanks a lot Abbie!