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Saturday, July 17, 2004

Just when we thought we'd failed in bringing in sponsors for Pops' recitals and concerts, along came a ray of hope.
It was ironic that Rachel took notice of the new GD1 Honda Jazz and its tagline "Jazz up your life!" as I was part of Honda Club myself. She suggested I ring some contacts and ask if they're interested to sponsor us, as coincidentally our first recital on July 30 is also called "Jazz UP Your Life."
I contacted Abbie, our former HCP liaison to HCPI, and inquired who was in charge of marketing nowadays at HCPI, then I called Ms. Rachell Diaz up. 30 minutes after I had sent in the fax, she personally called Rachel herself that yes, they were willing to sponsor us and they would do so in much-needed CASH amounting to PhP20,000.
Rachel was jumping for joy and screaming her heart out. At last! A cash sponsor! At least now I can say our efforts paid off.
Small victories are always cause for celebration, I always say. We've still got a lot of work ahead, though. After all, these two terms are devoted to campus tours, recitals and our Visayan concert tour too.
Dropped by Honda Makati a while ago to scope out the new GD1 Honda Jazz hatchback. What a cute little number! I'd love to have one in my garage.
If only I could do something about that price tag...I'd be spending PhP670,000 for the model I want.
At least I'd be consoled with remarkable fuel efficiency. The Jazz tops my SX8 City 1.5's 9-10 km/L consumption with a trumping figure of 15-20 km/L.

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