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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Twenty-six revolutions around the sun, and counting

Waking up to The Twilight Zone featuring the comedian stuck in hell.
Stool samples in a glass jar of dulong.
A lucky break thanks to the parking security guard at Cybergate 1.
Annual physical examination.
Peeing into a cup and a bottle without any privacy.
The crawling southbound traffic of C5 at 10:45 am.
Emission testing at Makati.
Counting just how many colleagues bothered to greet me.
Counting the cold shoulders.
Wondering if I should toot my own horn.
Doing zilch at work.
Fatigue setting in.
Leaving work early.
Dinner with Mav at the Stock Market in Bonifacio High Street.
Cornbread pudding with whisky caramel sauce.
Hilarious online birthday greeting cards from Auntie Carole and Uncle Butch.

Overall, not a bad way to turn another leaf in that calendar of my life. But damn, that cornbread pudding just has to take the cake.

Right Mav?Happy birthday to me.


Dynee said...

Oh My!!! A big hug and wish you a very Happy Birthday!!! Dynee

mav said...

Haha. Bebb..you missed something "Aibo being sexy" hahaha.

"Cornbread pudding with whisky caramel sauce".. Mmmmm..yummae!