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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Bum gut gone too far...

My girlfriend Mav is quite seriously sick.

She's had a case of bum gut that has lasted much, much longer than it should. The doctors have diagnosed it as gastritis, and they've treated her for it, but for some reason her tummy's still busy doing painful cartwheels and making her puke. She's now been confined in Makati Medical Center for observation, at a most inopportune time---the hospital is in the middle of renovation and it's taking an eternity for her to get her own room.

Please pray for her, guys. I want nothing more than to have her healthy again.


Dynee said...

Thoughts and prayers for Mav - a speedy recovery.


mav said...

Thanks Dynee! :)

Thanks Bebb! Sorry kung nagworry ka:*

kitkat said...

I hope she's feeling better. I'll pray for her. :)