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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Those magic words

I've never seen "Bridget Jones' Diary," nor have I ever read it in its full form (bits and pieces, yeah), but one line in that movie/novel has me currently stupefied by its depth of meaning.

"I like you. Just the way you are."

Think about it. It isn't as abused as the dreaded "I love you" yet has so much more "meat" to it. It also takes guts and a heckuvalot of conviction to say this and mean every word. Too many times, we say we love someone when we're actually in love with who we want that person to be.

And I've been guilty of that too.

I've put so much stock in what I wanted some people to become that too often I've failed to see and enjoy them as how they are. With me as transparent as glass, the frustration is so very obvious and it turns people off. Ultimately, the only people I get to appreciate as themselves are the few that stay long enough with me to tolerate my disappointments with them.

As much as I'm looking for someone to whisper those magic words in my ear, I should also be practicing its essence in my everyday life. I should learn how to let go of the iron grip of my expectations and simply let others be.

Which leads me to the second set of magic words.

"Live simply so that others may simply live."

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