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Sunday, April 09, 2006

A new chapter beckons

I haven’t been updating my blog as often as before and yes I’m aware of that. There is only so much I can write when I am mired at home, aimless and bored.

The good news is it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. After applying, taking their test 9 months ago, Accenture finally gave me a job offer as junior software engineer.

I was at their Libran House office (the HR center) last Wednesday and they presented me with a rather thick-looking contract, peppered with confidentiality clauses. I didn’t get to read everything, but I did a quick skim of the contents and I understood the gist of it. (Damn, I wish I asked for a reference copy.) Basically it’s a computer programming position and they’ll train me for it, which makes sense since my degrees have absolutely nothing to do with programming. If I do decide to accept it, I’ll have to stay with them until 2008, exactly two years from now.

My dad says it’s a good enough offer; I should think of it as taking a master’s degree while being paid. What is a couple of years, he reckons. Jajah and Aileen have showed their support as well, but they cautioned me about frequent overtime sessions.

As it is I’m on the brink of giving them a yes. I do wonder about how well I’d cope in the environment, though. I can probably learn to like my job and my potential teammates. Sacrificing the numerous pending applications I’ve submitted comes to mind, but at this point in time I simply cannot stand stagnating at home. I feel bad about freeloading off my parents, sure, but more than anything I’ve never really been a fan of long vacations. Although it’s technically just three months after my graduation, in reality it feels like I’ve been stagnant for a very, very long time.

I simply hope I’ll do well and I get to like what I do. Two years isn’t quite a short time, but perhaps it’s manageable enough.

Auntie Nellie and Auntie Doris were here from San Francisco, and they went over for my mom’s birthday today. It’s very nice seeing them again. They were always asking me when I’d be able to go back to the West Coast...I just told them nothing’s set in stone. They seemed happy I was finally going to be employed (soon enough, anyway). Apparently, programmers earn a lot in the United States...

Looking back, it’s a wonder my blog has lasted as long as it has. I’ve constantly wondered how much time and effort I’d be able to devote to writing my random mumblings on this little piece of online real estate. (Online real estate? Now that’s an oxymoron.) Somehow my love of writing has always pulled through.

Now that I’ll be working though, I’m not sure if I’ll have the luxury of extra time and effort to invest here. I’d love to keep on going, but I’m not sure if writing about the everyday inanity of the working world will be as, erhm, “inspiring” as my halcyon college days. I’m pretty sure those confidentiality clauses in my contract will restrict me somehow, too.

I guess whatever will be, will be. I’d like to thank my readers and visitors in advance, in case I suddenly disappear and never get to write again (heaven forbid). I just hope you enjoyed the five years of life I’ve put on this page.

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