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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Before I go to work...

Before I go to work the HR department had a list of requirements I had to accomplish and submit. One of the standard ones was the medical exam.

After submitting the forms for a new bank account that will collect my payroll, I drove off to Patient First Medical Center in Glorietta 3 for the medical exam. I ran into my old college acquaintance Mark Hizon there and found out he was also due to work for Accenture in a BPO position. Due to the long wait and the longer lines of people (the clinic should have been called Patience First, ha ha!), he and I eventually spent the better part of the morning and the afternoon together. We were both sick of bumming around and suffering cabin fever in our houses, and we swapped stories of the college life we left not so long ago.

A token step of the medical exam was the obtaining of urine and stool samples. Being new to all this, and not really being fond of excrement, Mark and I constantly made fun of the fact that we were supposed to shit into a little cup and bring it to the lab within two hours. We also jabbed about the girls in the line taking considerably longer to fill a small bottle with piss than most of the guys.

It’s nice knowing I won’t really be alone in my first job, even though Mark is in BPO. He said his first assignment was in Cubao’s Gateway Mall, and I told him reportedly the “bench” for new programmers was somewhere in Cubao as well, so we might bump into each other in the future.

I have a few more documents to secure before I can start on the 24th. I’ll be a little busy.

I was excited about getting my HG 1/100 Gundam Airmaster Burst model kit from After War Gundam X back in 1996. After building it I came off very, very disappointed.

The limbs are the fly in the ointment. The arms are shockingly weak, consisting of only a polycap-to-polycap connection at the elbow which has me dubious of its longevity. The legs are hollow and very weak at the knees, where any effort to pose the back-heavy model results in falling on its shoulders. Ultimately, the Airmaster Burst’s design is its biggest demon. Because of the MS design and its transformation, most of its weight (wings, cannons and intakes) is on its shoulders and oriented rearward.

I really should have kept the money and saved a little harder for an ultra-posable MG God Gundam. Now I have a little promise to myself not to buy kits older than 1999—unless they’re MGs.

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