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Friday, February 13, 2004

My car's due in for its 40,000-km maintenance servicing. I gotta do my City a favor and have it thoroughly checked. Strange little things have been happening with me behind the wheel, not least of which is an ominous metallic sound I heard from below. Couldn't tell whether it was just rocks hitting the underpinnings, or something more serious.

I was caught for speeding on the Skyway last Sunday---with my mom in the front seat.

I was caught by a radar gun rolling along at 116 km/h where I should've been going at 100. Apparently there were a lot of offenders caught unaware that the 100 km/h limit was now being strictly enforced along the 8-km elevated highway. I saw the cop's list and it had cars going at 140-150 km/h (so I guess I wasn't doing too bad after all).

Wednesday afternoon (my birthday), I drove along EDSA to get to the LTO main office along East Ave. to claim my license back. Unfortunately after braving all that traffic and dodging all those errant buses hot on swapping paint with me, I got there only to have my ticket renewed. They said they didn't have my license yet and I should come back on the 17th.

Major hassle. To think that I'm probably going to have to attend that stupid 2-hour seminar of theirs and pay a fine, not to mention having to brave long lines.

I'm boycotting the Skyway...unless it's an important situation. I've figured out potential reasons why the lower level of the South Luzon Expressway isn't as vigorously monitored...I'll take my chances there.

Birthday was pretty okay. Since it was also my mom and dad's wedding anniversary we had dinner out at Outback Steakhouse in Alabang. Got some money from relatives too.

Was rummaging the sports stores in Robinsons Place earlier that afternoon. Found a pair of Yonex AR65 badminton shoes selling for only PhP2,400. What a steal!

Too bad that was the last pair, and it was nowhere close to accommodating my size-9 feet.

Oh well.

I am doomed with the curse of good memory. Now that I'm 21, I should learn how to forget.

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