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Thursday, February 19, 2004

After going without a major purchase in quite a long while, I happened to go shopping in Robinsons Place Manila for badminton shoes to relieve my quick-wearing Filas (after my usual Dance Maniax 2nd Mix workout). On more than one occasion I've slipped on the courts because of the rapidly wearing soles on that pair.

Came across a good pair at just about the right price. I'm now shod with silver/black Yonex World Champion 2s at PhP2,500---my personal psychological price limit for new non-dress shoes.

They're a tad bit loose around my ankle, but as long as I tie them tight they fit quite well. Tried some usual maneuvers on the sports shop too---lunges, jumps and other badminton moves---just to get a feel of how they'd work on the court. I must say I'm impressed. The soles are even thin enough for me to perform a proper heel-and-toe.

I like 'em.

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