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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Falling in love again...with choral music

I've just come home from church after a three-hour rehearsal for the upcoming fiesta mass on Sunday. This was a joint one with the other choirs in the village, notably the Missa Populi choir with their keyboards, electric guitars and drums.

Master tenor Andy was on hand to give direction to the huge assembled ensemble. We numbered more than seventy people from four different choirs. But all of us on hand just melded to serve up a filling, uplifting performance worthy of shaking the heavens, thanks to Andy's expert guidance.

The Missa Populi was Andy's pet project after he recovered from his stroke. He was inviting us to come attend the 7:00 pm mass in addition to our regular 9:00 am mass. By the looks of things, it was amazing how the band and the singers worked so well together. The drums in particular were great. The little boy behind the sticks made sure he never overpowered the solemnity of the vocals.

Me? I was hungry, sweaty and tired from work but all that seemed to just melt away...because I sang my heart out. I haven't felt like this in a long time.

I may have just rekindled my love affair with liturgical music.

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mav said...

Love affair pala ha. Hmft.
Buti nagenjoy ka love:), aantayin ko yun sa Sunday:p.