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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

That's some parting gift, congressmen

It truly is unfortunate when the last thing your vacationing aunt sees and hears on TV and AM radio the day before she leaves for home is the loud bickering of a complaining House Speaker. Last night's episode just exposes the Philippine Congress as the pathetic excuse of a legislative body it is, complete with the infamous utang na loob and admittance of political favors straight out of the horses' mouths.

Philippine politics at its best? If this is the best we can muster, I truly feel sorry for our country.


Joy said...

No need to feel sorry for the Philippines, JM. It's a young country and it's going through growing pains. If you do your best to help it progress, then all is well.

Join us again in May when we hold a grand EB, ok?

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Sam said...

Well, at least we all know how it all works for them and this helps us and serves as our guide in the future to not be fooled anymore by these BAST****...

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