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Monday, February 11, 2008

So what vintage am I?

And just like that, I'm officially twenty-five years old. A quarter of a century. Wow. The slightly disconcerting thing is it doesn't seem to have been that long. Talk about time flying when you're having fun...

Kathy buzzed me on YM lately and gave me a mock interview about being 25. She was asking me about the greatest thing I've ever done, my happiest moment, where I'd want to spend 25 years of my life in...those sorts of things. Along the course of the "interview" I found myself asking, have I really done what I could in the last 25 years? I remember having all these lofty goals when I was a kid by the time I was 18...and I'm pretty sure I haven't reached a lot of those seven years later.

Still, life goes on and waits for no one. I'm not celebrating my birthday looking like garbage though. The flab on my belly I can't do much about immediately, but I can at least have a haircut and an acne-surgery session, both of which I'm overdue for.

Since my birthday is also my parents' wedding anniversary, I treated the family out to dinner at CPK Glorietta. Had I not wrestled the bill away from my mom's hand I'm sure she would have sneakily tried to pay. Hey, it's my treat. Besides, this was to make up for not treating them yet since my promotion last September.

I'm grateful for the people who remembered my birthday. There wasn't a lot of you, but you were the ones that mattered and you didn't let me down---especially you, Denise, despite greeting me one day early. It's the thought that counts, though...especially the SMS you gave me at midnight. Now cut down on the drinks, dear. Heeheehee.

A special thank-you to Celine, too, for dropping an early birthday present on my desk. Totally unexpected, and quite funny I might add.

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