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Saturday, January 08, 2005

This term I enrolled in ORIENT3. It's basically a career counseling course, taking up three whole Saturdays...but that's it for the entire term.

The big surprise was that this time I finally got acquainted with my longtime crush, Angela Navarro. After four years of nothing but the mutual cold shoulder, we finally meet properly. In the limited time I had with her, I found her really cool and feisty and more than just a pixie-like face. She definitely has a knack for going her own way, and Anj really is as nice as people say she is.

Today's ORIENT3 session started out slow but ended pretty well. Sir Ennan, our facilitator, wasn't much of an articulative and interesting guy, but I could see he was being earnest and sincere with his work. I was with Kwapaw and Alrey Villagracia (an acquaintance from my ROTC Navigator days) the whole time and I had quite a bit of fun. I'm looking forward to the next two Saturdays.

Every time I go to the grocery with my folks and we go to the meat section, I can't help but watch in awe at the butcher workers skilfully running chunks of pork and beef through huge electric meat saws...with only their bare hands. It's a small miracle I've never seen any of them cut up their fingers or hands with the high-speed cutting tool. The very thought of it is rather revolting, to be honest.

I for one wouldn't be able to stand working in that situation. Knowing how easily distracted I am, I'd probably end up cutting my own arm off. I have respect for these newfangled butchers and their amazing sense of focus.

My fingers go all limp just thinking about it. Shucks. I should change the subject.

On a brighter note...HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHER!

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