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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

A belated Happy New Year to everyone!

New Year's was certainly amazing.

We were at White Plains, as usual, swigging wine, eating cold cuts and watching the fireworks as they drowned out the starlight. My cousins Bea, Martin and Carlo (damn he's tall!) pretty much enjoyed the spectacle, and I found myself admiring how fancy these firecrackers have gotten. Lots of skyrockets flew with a main explosion, then their fragments exploded further into clusters of sparks. Very very cool.

Bianx celebrated her birthday on the 2nd. Still rather hard to believe that she's 20 already. Just as hard to believe is that I'll be 22 in a month's time.

We spent the afternoon looking around in Landmark and picking out my mom's present for her. She eventually got a new Philips VCD boombox, with a copy of "Gothika" thrown in. Not bad. I just hope the thing doesn't break down as easily as my various pairs of Philips ear/headphones did.

The other day I spent with Paolo and Dinggoy. We paid tuition first thing in the morning. This was the first time I was able to apply my tuition discount from my participation in Pops as I submitted all the requirements. I was frankly surprised to get a 22.8% reduction in tuition. That's PhP6,000 saved! I bet my dad's proud of me; he's...just not telling me about it.

By noontime we were at Glorietta 4, just walking around, burning money on games of Initial D ver.3 and Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune, where Pao and I share ownership of a tricked-out Lancer Evo VI. We moved on to girl-watching as well...and this was probably the first time I saw guys getting all "kilig" over a girl. Maybe I just wasn't paying too much attention to Carlo Trillo's new girlfriend, but Dinggoy and Pao were gobsmacked by the sight of her. They swear she's the complete package. Me, I just kept silent. Afternoon was rather fun though.

School's starting again tomorrow...it's going to be another term of madness. I really hope this one's a lot smoother than the two previous terms. Might as well enjoy the final ones I'll have in DLSU, right?

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