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Monday, November 15, 2004

Mike Llorin of GrupoToyota just died a useless and tragic death.

According to what I've heard on HCP, two non-HCP Civics were street-racing along Congressional Ave. One of them happened to cut into a green Pajero's path. The owner of the Pajero got off at a place (a gas station I think) where Mike and his fellows were hanging out. Thinking that innocent Mike was with the hot-dogging Civics, the Pajero owner shot him down right then and there.

What a major shock. He died at 30 and left a young wife and very young kids behind. And this was all because of some hotheaded Pajero owner. I could understand the anger from getting cut off but gunning down somebody just doesn't justify that, especially in Mike's case where he was totally innocent.

The one thing I don't understand is that Civics are Hondas and Mike's a member of GrupoToyota. Why'd he have to get shot down?

I don't know him personally but my condolences are with him. May you rest in peace.

Although HCP strongly discourages any form of illegal racing on the streets (we'll do it on the strip or on the track, thanks), it's undeniable that a lot of non-HCP hot-doggers out there take their Hondas and drive with reckless abandon. Recently Karl, one of our directors, had an encounter himself with a 'vengeful' EK Civic he overtook legitimately. The EK driver tried to catch up to Karl's sponsor-painted car by passing through the right lane, almost smashing into a hapless Lancer GSR at the stoplight. That's very wrong now wasn't it?

Things like these coupled with Mike's untimely death make me very sad. Even worse, HCP can't exactly account for the driving of all such reckless idiots. All we can do is set an example for others and pray that people sit up and take notice too.

Let's all take care on the roads, shall we? The Philippines is NOT a safe place.

For all the advancements we've made in science and technology I still keep wondering why a lot of us die precisely because of our so-called breakthroughs.

Sure, more of us get to eat, but a lot of what we eat just kills us in the end, such as processed food. We have advancements in reproductive health but more moms and babies die from the process of birth. Y'know, that sort of stuff.


I'm not exactly the ideal kind of guy to most people but I'm so grateful that in spite of that, some people will still have the conviction to consider me one of their friends.

You know who you are, guys. Thanks a lot.

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