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Friday, November 12, 2004

I'm back, and a lot has happened. It's just that I didn't feel like posting for a while.

I finally met and exceeded my sales quota, but I'm not too proud of how I did it. Looking back I realize I haven't been applying all I've learned from sales techniques in MARKSAM and from my dad. And what better way to prove this than to demonstrate exactly how I can potentially fuck up a sale in front of my dad. Sigh.

Recently I took to reading his old book "How to Sell Like A Pro" by Dups de los Reyes. It might be too late at this point, but it's good reading and learning nonetheless. The tales of creative salespeople in that book are inspiring and I'd certainly like to be able to sell as well as they do. I certainly would like to keep selling even after MARKSAM is finished, and I'm not just talking about AVON either.

The abono factor is a bit of a turn-off though. I'm almost penniless as it is right now, absorbing the costs of ordering while waiting for the payments to come.

In other news I snapped my pen in two in frustration when I got back the result of my second ECONTRI quiz. My first failed quiz was easier to accept because I studied the wrong lesson by mistake. This instance, however, was so frustrating because I really studied hard for this exam yet I still flunked. Stupid little me felt so confident that all my answers would be correct...well, damnit, I got only one of the 4 questions totally correct and it was worth only 20 points out of 100. That 40-point costing question shit I felt so confident about turned out to be my biggest blunder.

In contrast Nicole aced the test...110/100. Sigh. I wonder what's it going to take to pass ECONTRI?

On a brighter note we're almost done with shooting thesis footage. The shocking thing is, I was surprised we were that far along the way. All we lacked were the montage sequences for the intro.

We showed our footage to Bro. Mike last Wednesday which meant an hour-long wait with Denise outside the CREM office. Apart from some complaints about harsh/inappopriate lighting and overly high-pitched acting he was all right with it, and he gave us the go-ahead to do a rough cut version of the final movie. All we needed was to up the pacing and maybe reshoot some scenes. He gave us until December 1 to finish.

We're all abuzz with excitement about FINALLY getting to finish thesis. I hear that as long as we get to finish it and defend on the 13th of next month, we'll pass PROJCO2. After the time we invested on this we might as well finish it on time no?

We'll start editing tomorrow...

In two weeks Pops is going to perform at the Edsa Shangri-La mall (twice there!) and in Malabon. We'll be doing a Christmas repertoire of songs.

While that's abuzz, we Marketing people are trying to prepare for the major concert on March 12, 2005. I've been placed in charge of making the poster and the souvenir program, which will be based on a different concept this time around. I'm amazed and glad my mates already whipped up a concept design for the poster, and it certainly gets me a place to start this early.

Some friends have either put up new blogs or got around to resurrecting their old ones.

Kuya Mike of HCP now has his brand-new blog. Meanwhile Mao got hers working after a long hiatus, and she's working on it with a friend of hers now.

That's great. :)


Anonymous said...

hello shun,. me here, rose!
binalik ko na lang uliut site ko, :) sorry for the abala hehe!

thankssss !!!

i wonder, mas magalin gkayang sales rep ang babae sa lalaki? since babae eh madaldal haha!

just kidding, GOODluck!!


Axia said...

About Econ...its so frustrating!!! As in! I feel for you...hehe. :-) That's ok, at least you understand the lesson and that's what counts (not solving for it).

Thanks for linking me again.

Keep up the good fight!