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Monday, December 08, 2003

I will never understand the lure of bazaars on women.

What started out as supposedly a trip to buy decor boxes for my mom's food for the gods holiday giveaways stretched itself to rummaging for clothes and food. My mom and my sis had even more of an excuse because I happened to win an additional PhP1000 to spend only on that day.

As much as I should've been tolerant of it, I was too sleepy to give a damn.

I'm getting better at heel-and-toe. I use the technique every time I drive wearing my sneakers, and it really makes performing decisive maneuvers and carrying speed smoother and easier.

Great. Now I need to practice on cornering...which I'd need a track day or two for. I might as well factor in the expense of a set of tires and 100+ octane aviation-grade gasoline.

Sigh...that's expensive.

Cher didn't meet her pare. Yet.

Apparently he had some travel troubles, and the soonest the two of them could meet was the week after Christmas and before New Year's.

It isn't too far off though. Am still praying for the two of them.

Mike's party went better than I thought.

It kinda helped that I was seated in the corner farthest from the hardcore RO players. I also met up with bubbly Raissa, whom I think is one of Beia's cousins. Unfortunately a lot of the people I was expecting to come weren't there yet by the time I split.

Great food though.

Thanks a lot Mike. Happy birthday again. :D

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