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Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 was a bad year for...

Car clubs and forums. Not worth my time these days. I've done a respectable run over almost 7 years. When the headaches and gossip over blown egos outstrips the pleasure and advantages of participation, I think it's time to throttle back or let go altogether.

Work. Most of the people I started working with have left and I think I've realized why. My environment no longer supports my professional development. It's one of the only things that's kept me anchored, and even that's disappeared altogether. I'm not sure I can wait until September. The time to act is probably now.

Personal websites. See how badly I've neglected my own blog? Enough said.

Personal real estate. It's been frustrating looking at condominiums and houses for sale. At my current salary and the rate I'm going (see Work above), I'll never be able to pay off a house or condominium of my own - not now. Right now all I can do is concentrate on investing more and more into my current savings bond.

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skysenshi said...

YAY! You updated, Huzzah!!!
Happy new year, JM!