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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Welcome back, partner

Looking back, perhaps the crash was a blessing in disguise. I had been relegated to driving Bianca's ZZE121 Corolla Altis for a month, but the insurance company gave me the opportunity to finally fix the cosmetic faults I found on the car to begin with. I lost the rear mudflaps and some uniqueness/rarity afforded by the pre-facelift LED taillamps, but I gained a meaner looking rear bumper and a rear wing for the trouble---and provision to mount a high-mount brake light, with pre-drilled holes in the new rear hatch.

Major kudos to Raymond Tan and the men of Supreme Motors in Makati. Apart from some damaged fender liner rubbing on my wheels, I have no complaints whatsoever. My aibo (partner) looks better than ever.

It even has the much-vaunted new-car smell back.


mav said...

JUan as promised eto na:D. Haha at least okay na yung 'baby' mo:p. Higit sa lahat, 'okay ka'.. diba diba?! Aangal pa eh:p

~*kitkat*~ said...

Congrats on getting your car back! Blessing in disguise nga talaga.. :)