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Thursday, August 02, 2007

As long as I sing...

After five months away, I am back with the Cybergate Choir. I'm very happy to report things have only gotten better since the pressures of work whisked me off singing for the First Friday Masses.

The Choir itself has grown. I remember the days when there was just six or seven of us singing; when we rehearsed last Wednesday we were close to twenty. The sheer number of us means we should now have a more balanced sound where us male singers had previously overpowered the ladies. I saw a lot of new faces, most of them volunteering from the Accenture Chorale.

Nelson joined Agnes as choirmaster and pianist---a welcome development as he was very effective in teaching us the voicing of our new songs. Speaking of new songs, we've got a fair number of them now. My current favorite is "Hesus ng Aking Buhay."

I want to keep on singing with them as long as I can. Work will be a lot more manageable if I have an outlet for my pent-up creativity, and the new crew seems really fun to be with.

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