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Monday, December 13, 2004

The three of us felt like idiots waiting to be slaughtered by the panelists. It wasn't a great feeling. Pretty much the entire movie was blasted to bits---plotline, character development, production design, technical problems. And the worst part about it was that I agreed with all the comments. (But damn, those plotline comments hurt. I practically conjured it all in one magical night. Perhaps it wasn't so magical after all.)

Ours was an ameteurish movie at best, done in a campus that was expecting excellence. Up to now I have a bitter taste in my mouth, my heart regurgitating regret about not having had more creative control over production. Sigh.

Oh well. I guess this just means I'm not cut out for moviemaking. I am just semi-glad that it's over. I can bid farewell to all these finicky teachers, boring lessons, rejections upon countless proposal rejections.

I'm just semi-glad I'm finished with AB Communication Arts.

I'm grateful to all the people who helped us finish "Uninvited."

Shout-outs go to Geraldine Tan, Mrs. Grace Tan, Reggie Curley, the Batac and Melendres families, Aaron David and everyone at Lightbox Multimedia, my sister and all her friends, Dr. Mike Rapatan, LC24, LR31, Mom, Dad and all my friends for believing in me.

I hope I did you proud.

I have PARTCOR finals later at 6pm. As much as I'd like to watch the other groups do their defense, a part of me strongly opposes. I haven't really studied all that much and I'm sure I'll need the legal knowledge, as my PARTCOR grades aren't really that high. Borderline acceptable, if I were an accounting student (which I'm glad I'm not).

"Ignorance of the law excuses no one."

Now I REALLY want to spoil myself.

I want a Master-Grade 1/100 Aile Strike Gundam model kit...NOW.

That's the one with the fancy fully articulated internal mobile frame, the sickening detail on all the parts, the fancy full-jointed fingers, the Hajime Katoki-style appearance.

I want to paint it properly and add all the little panel lines with a 0.001 mm pen, before I get out my Swiss Army knife and cut and smooth all the parts from the plastic sprues. When I'm finished I want to mount the Strike on its linear catapult/display stand and pose it for all the world to see.

This kit will keep me busy for hours, maybe even days. I just want to get rid of my frustration by literally doing something constructive. This is probably better than having to contend with a noisy selfish girlfriend...and I'm glad I don't have one right now.

My main problem is money...I'm having second thoughts on blowing the PhP2,700 needed just for the kit. Sigh. I'm pretty damn close to broke.

But cripes I want one of these so bad.

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Anonymous said...

Hey dude,
Keep your spirits up about filmmaking. These are fucking teachers who don't know a shit or two about filmmaking or even about great films. People who teach film are either failures themselves or people who can't get into the industry. Sure, they talk about plotline, etc., etc., but yet the Philippines can't make a breakthrough film.