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Saturday, January 24, 2004

I think I played pretty well this Friday. Played 3 or 4 games and I won two of them.

Friends suggested getting a towel grip on my racket so that it doesn't slip in my right hand, and I think it's working. Didn't stop me from accidentally throwing my racket into the other court while attempting a backhand return, though.

Still have to work on my drop shots...

ANIMAX opened this week and I'm so enjoying it.

Thanks to this channel I finally get to watch some of the best anime. GTO and Chobits are currently my favorites. Both are commendably funny for being unapologetically honest...such leaves me laughing like a fool every night. Plus, I get to watch 2 episodes of each every weekday.

The only problem's that it can interfere with me doing my homework...

Most of those scabs that dotted my face this week have fallen off. Thank goodness.

I hate acne and the inconvenience it represents.

Gong xi fa cai!

I confess to not being very fond of tikoy (that staple of Chinese New Year's), but when Mom got home with strawberry flavored tikoy from Eng Bee Tin, I couldn't resist trying.

It's good! Too bad it's such a rich food...

My mom's been urging me to limit my computer use, as one of her employees got seriously sick. Something with the guy's blood and how radiation from long-term exposure to his computer made it toxic.

Seriously...does she think staring at a computer is all I do? Does she not know I do all sorts of things besides using a computer?

I appreciate her concern for my health, but I am disappointed with how she thinks of me.

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